Director General’s Office

Providing leadership and guidance to MOEWR as well as coordinating the preparation and implementation of strategic plans, annual plans, budgets and the development of the energy and water sectors.

  • Management of water resources and sewerage service policy of MEWR
  • Overseeing waste water treatment and disposal
  • Overseeing solid waste management
  • Enforcement of waste management policies, standards and regulations
  • Ensuring water catchment and conservation, control & protection
  • Overseeing energy regulation security and conservation
  • Identifying renewable energy sites for development as per respective legal notice
  • Ensuring electricity and gas reticulation and energy regulation
  • Identifying borehole site and drilling
  • Providing advice and direction to heads of departments in the management of operational plans to support MEWR to effectively carry out policy directives

Public and International Relations Unit

Mandated to develop and execute strategies that are intended to create and uphold a positive public image for the ministry. This unit is expected to form working relationships with various members of the media and the public. Their mandate also encompasses everything from speech writing, communications packages, updating ministry website, coordinating announcements, creating media appearances for the Minister, crafting communications responses and responding to ministry controversies

Legal Affairs Unit
  • Formulating and implementing legal policies and strategies for effective discharge of the functions of the department in accordance with the strategic goal of the ministry
  • Ensuring compliance with principles and values of good governance, human rights, transparency, accountability, ethics and integrity as the ministry conducts its services as per its mandate
  • Advising the Ministry on all legal matters and ensuring that it is protected against any law suits as it performs its activities in accordance with the mandate

Internal Audit Unit
  • Formulate and implement internal audit policies, systems and procedures for appropriate internal control systems
  • Undertake continuous review of procedures and policies to ensure that adequate controls are in place and that the MEWRs resources are effectively safeguarded
  • Coordinate post audit and assurance reviews to ensure implementation of agreed upon corrective actions and compliance with legal and statutory obligations

Technical Advisers

Provide policy and technical advisory services to fill expertise skills and knowledge gaps that are not immediately provided by the senior civil servants.