The key role of the Ministry of Energy and Water Resources (MOEWR) is to provide federal and regional infrastructure services for sustainable delivery of energy and water resources. The functions also include:

  • Facilitate the development of the energy and water sectors
  • Provide monitoring and evaluation of both sectors activities
  • Access to reliable clean energy and water resources to all society
  • Regulate, legislate and set policy for energy and water resources sectors
  • Promote the development of water resources and energy

Research, Implementation, Construction
  • Undertake basis studies and determine the country’s ground and surface water resource potential in terms of volume and quality, and facilitate the utilization and equitable distribution
  • Undertake studies of water basins, collection hygrometry and telemetry data and analysis of data to make decisions related to water resource management
  • Determine conditions and methods required for the optimum and equitable allocation of water bodies that flow across or lie between more than one regional state
  • Undertake studies and negotiation of treaties pertaining to the utilization of boundary and trans boundary water bodies and follow up on implementation
  • Carry out studies, design and construction works to promote the expansion of medium and large irrigation hydroelectric dams

Quality Standards, Development, Alternative Energy
  • Administer dams and water structures constructed by the federal government under its budget in cooperation with appropriate organs and set water quality standards for various use purposes
  • Undertake studies concerning the development and utilization of energy and promote the growth and expansion of the country’s supply of electric energy; and
  • Promote the development of alternative energy sources (wind, solar and hydropower and technologies)